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Article: 2022 Global Green Beauty Awards

2022 Global Green Beauty Awards - elvis+elvin

2022 Global Green Beauty Awards

      • "Water free is important because no or very few preservatives are needed. These formats also use less packaging. We adore the Elvis + Elvin foundation as it smoothly applies and leaves a beautiful finish on the skin."
      • "Sit back and relax for 20 minutes with this mask on and open your eyes to a more even and lighter complexion. Conchiolin (pearl) Protein and Licorice Extract help even skin tone and rejuvenate skin for antiaging, resulting in a radiant, beautiful, and youthful complexion."
      • "This is a new arrival from Elvis + Elvin. The product has been enriched with a cocktail of botanical waxes and glides onto the skin. The shades are modern and suit a range of skin tones. Luxurious Tsubaki oil offers anti-oxidant properties which protect and repair damage for plumper and youthful lips."


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The USA 2022 Global Makeup Awards - elvis+elvin

The USA 2022 Global Makeup Awards

BEST USA BEAUTY BRAND    SILVER • USA  "In 2014, NYC-based esthetician and herbal medicine expert Victoria Leung founded a luxury beauty brand inspired by her sons, Elvis and Elvin." "The Bra...

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The Secret to Ageless Skin: HydraVita Serum I

In the pursuit of ageless skin, the fusion of nature and science often leads to the most profound results. The HydraVita Serum I stands as a testament to this synergy, offering a powerful elixir de...

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