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Article: 2021 Global Makeup Awards -UK & ASIAN

2021 Global Makeup Awards -UK & ASIAN - elvis+elvin

2021 Global Makeup Awards -UK & ASIAN

      • "In 2014, NYC-based esthetician and herbal medicine expert Victoria Leung founded a luxury beauty brand inspired by her sons, Elvis and Elvin. The Elvis + Elvin range is a combination of naturally derived ingredients and cutting-edge skincare technology. They are not only effective, but still delicate enough for the most sensitive skin types. The products truly work, often have a luxurious rose scent, and have minimalis, modern packaging."
  • BEST BLUSH   GOLD • UK  : Floral Silky Cream Blush Pixie Pink

      • "This is a truly stunning creamy blush. It can be massaged lightly into the cheeks for a lightly flushed glow and provides a really natural pink hue to the skin. It comes in a handy, small tub so it is great for on the go. In fact, as it is a creamy blush, you can apply with your fingers so you can top - up your look during the day. Ingredients are key to this blush. It has a number of natural ingredients such as Jojoba, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Lime and Australian Sandalwood. The formula is enriched with Fullerene C to fight against free radicals and a blend of botanical plant extracts to moisturize the skin, ensuring long-lasting, comfortable wear."
  • BEST HAND CREAM  GOLD • UK & ASIAN  : Hand Cream - Rose & Litchi
      • "This is an ultra thick, luxurious hand cream which uses an unusual key antibacterial ingredient: Honeysuckle extract. Honeysuckle extract contains antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties to treat and heal broken skin. Together with the light fragrance of Rose and Litchi, this is the perfect deep therapy hand cream."
  • BEST FRAGRANCE  GOLD • UK & ASIAN  : Marine Floral Eau De Parfum
      • "Our gold winner is for this beautiful citrusy perfume which awakens your mood and leaves you feeling invigorated. Enjoy the floral bouquet with hints of Jasmine and the lasting hints of a musky tones. This is a beautiful, light fragrance which is perfect for summer and is pleasant and uplifting."
    • BEST FOUNDATION GOLD WINNER   GOLD • ASIAN  Fullerence-C Performance Color Corrector Setting Powder - Lavender
        • "A well deserved Gold Win for Elvis + Elvin. A feather-light setting powder that locks makeup in place and evens

          skin tone for a flawless complexion. The purple shade helps to reduce dullness and covers yellowish skin tones. With the ultra-smooth texture, the powder blurs pores for a filtered look, but is virtually undetectable and natural on the skin. This product has a crease -free effect and as it is a powder, it helps to minimise both the appearance of pores and shine. And thanks to the Fullerene-C, the powder imparts anti-oxidant properties and protects the skin from free radicals."

        • "This liquid lipstick comes in 10 shades. It has a velvety liquid application which then is fast drying and long lasting. Packaging

          is elegant and in the traditional Elvis + Elvin style. The formula is infused with Sodium Hyaluronate and Flower Wax for a hydrating effect, which imparts comfortable wearing and a subtle velvety sheen. The luxurious texture combines intensified pigments with Brassica Alba Sprout Extract which helps to maintain hydration and fuller lips that lasts for hours."

          • "This is a light body oil that smoothes in easily and is easily absorbed. With the fresh scent of rose it is a relaxing and pampering body oil. Everything about the rose is harmonious, especially the scents balance between growth and delicate beauty, and its heady summer fragrance. Massage a few drops in after the bath for best results."
      • BEST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT SILVER WINNER  SILVER • ASIAN  Sea Salt Scalp Purifying Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
          • "Suitable for all hair types from dry, to itchy, to oily scalp. The added essence of Sea Salt stops the itching and flaking of scalp that causes dandruff. A thorough cleanse and purification formula is an ideal treatment for dry hair that eliminates splits, nourishes and replenishes the softness in hair, resulting to clean, healthy and manageable looking hair."
        • BEST FOUNDATION   BRONZE • UK  Floral Brightening Anti-Pollution Foundation with Stem Cell-N2.75

            • "This foundation has been specifically formulated for city dwellers, or those in a pollution dense area. The foundation is infused with grape stem cell extract and ectoin, the enriched foundation enhances skin tolerance under environmental pressure including UV rays, dryness and smog, reducing damage caused by external aggressors. We love the full coverage nature of this foundation and how it blends easily into the skin without leaving a cakey feel."
        • BEST BODY PRODUCT   BRONZE • UK  Rose Body Oil
            • "Infused with Rose Flower Oil and St. John’s Wort Extract, this body oil helps to refine skin texture with its moisturizing and repairing properties. Each bottle contains one full gram of pure Rose Damascena Flower Oil from Morocco. The Rose Body Oil is rich in antioxidants which helps to restore elasticity and leaves skin soft, supple, and hydrated. The uplifting smell arouses happy feelings that relax you from everyday stress."
        • BEST SHAMPOO -  BRONZE • UK  :Sea Salt Scalp Purifying Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with Sweet Almond Oil Extract
            • "This shampoo has specifically been designed for people with oily hair. It is made with Sea salt- a great natural remedy for people with oily hair. It also helps to provide enough nutrients to your hair follicles and an excellent source to eliminate dandruff. This shampoo acts as an ideal treatment shampoo. It helps to eliminates split ends, nourishes and replenishes the softness in hair, resulting to clean, healthy and manageable looking hair."
        • BEST ANTI AGEING PRODUCT BRONZE WINNER  BRONZE • UK  Rose Stem Cell Treatment Mask 4

            • "Enjoy glowing skin and a more even skin tone with this treatment mask which contains the natural essence of rose extract. The Rosetta mask works effectively as an antibacterial cleanser for treating acne and curing skin infections. Judges noticed that skin felt smoother and more hydrated after use, and the appearance of pores looked diminished. This treatment mask has also been designed to protect skin cells from damage with its antioxidants, relieves sunburns and reduces discolouration."


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