The USA 2022 Global Makeup Awards

      • "In 2014, NYC-based esthetician and herbal medicine expert Victoria Leung founded a luxury beauty brand inspired by her sons, Elvis and Elvin."
      • "The Brand keeps developing its product range and now, in addition to its strong skincare line, also has a strong perfumes range and a range of body care. They are also moving into two new ranges - Dermal Elixir and Gillian Cosmetics ranges.
  • BEST BODY PRODUCT   GOLD • USA  : Hand & Body Lotion - Rose & Black Currant

      • "This is a beautifully aromatic hand and body lotion. It also has been infused with Honeysuckle Extract to treat & heal broken skin. We love how our hands and body were so nourished after use, and the dual aspect of this product so you can use it where you wish. It comes in a lovely floral container and looks summery to match its floral scent of rose and blackcurrant."
  • BEST NATURAL PRODUCT  GOLD • USA  : Rose Revitalizing Treatment Mask
      • "The paraben free Rosetta mask delivers a blend of plant-derived actives including the miracle essence of Rosa Damascena Leaf Cell, which helps repair skin damage caused by external aggressors. The powerful components instantly quench thirsty skin with a burst of hydration and help lock in moisture, ensuring a luminous complexion. Also suitable for soothe skin and minimize irritation, leaving it clear and smooth. The mask also comes with an all-natural fiber cloth made from biodegradable wood pulps. "
  • BEST FRAGRANCE  GOLD • USA  : Roll-on Eau De Parfum - White Champaca
      • "Bright and fresh, the fragrance opens with Bergamot and Lemon Leaf, before devoloping into a floral heart of elegant Champaca. A sensual dry down of Amber and Sage freshened by Tea Tree, gives the fragrance its unique character."
  • BEST DESIGN & PACKAGING  SILVER • USA  : Lilac Revitalizing Treatment Mask

      • "This mask contains the active ingredient -- Lilac Leaf Cell Extract, which imparts balancing and anti-inflammation properties. The concentrate exfoliates the visage and purifies the pores to alleviate breakouts. Also working to even skin tone, the formula infuses skin with a blend of Licorice Root Extract and Tranexamic Acid to gently correct unwanted pigmentation, leaving complexion clarified and radiant."
  • BEST BODY PRODUCT  SILVER • USA  : Solid Perfume - Neroli and Mandarin
      • "We adore the refreshing scent of this solid perfume which is bursting of citrus with its neroli and mandarin scent. This is the perfect travel or handbag perfume as it won't leak and doesn't count towards your liquids allowance on the plane! It also doesn't contain alcohol and the scent lasts for hours."
      • "This mask comes with an all natural fibre cloth. The Rose Revitalizing mask has been designed for thirsty skin which needs instant and quick hydration. Relaxing for 10-20 minutes with this mask on will leave your skin clearer and smoother. It contains a blend of plant-derived actives including the miracle essence of Rosa Damascena Leaf Cell, which helps repair skin damage caused by external aggressors."
The USA 2022 Global Makeup Awards